Dave Molter Music

"Foolish Heart” is the debut EP by Dave Molter. Produced by multi-instrumentalist Buddy Hall at Diversity Studio in Pittsburgh, the "Foolish Heart" EP contains Dave's first four singles — "Mid-Century Man," "Be the Sunshine," and "Fading Away" and "Foolish Heart" plus a throwback to 1964, "Tell Me That You Love Me."

For a limited time, if you purchase the “Foolish Heart” EP, will receive a $3 discount on the purchase of the full “Mid-Century Man” CD, which is scheduled for release in early 2020.


 "The minute I heard Dave Molter's 'Mid-Century Man' I was immediately hooked. The song is easy on the ear and very radio friendly. It feels like a familiar friend out of the 60's songbook up there with the greats of the Fab Four!"

Michael Charles
Big Indie Giant